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Episode 3 Teaser: The Salad KNOWS

During Episode 3, The Cuddy D Show is disturbed by recent news that scientists have proven your salad may be aware you're eating it. Difficult news to digest, especially when laughing as hard as the panel did trying to get through this report.

New Season, New Studio, New Panel

Follow The Cuddy D Show as it continues to evolve, gives YOU at home a voice, and remains true to helping people laugh to help them get through their day.

Episode 3: This is America, and Vegetarians Beware

The Cuddy D Show discusses what may be the craziest part of the Royal Wedding: exes invited to the vows?! Also: actor/performer Donald Glover/Childish Gambino's controversial "This Is America" hit music video, and the backlash behind a white female YouTube star's response video; how young is too young to explain homosexuality to elementary students, and- LETTUCE KNOWS IT'S BEING EATEN?

About The Cuddy D Show

Created in 2006 by host Steve "Cuddy D" Perri and previously airing on NYC-area public access television, The Cuddy D Show focuses on and discusses the top trending stories with personal - and comedic - input from a wide variety of commentators over the years.

This season, The Cuddy D Show  is filming in a new studio and has a new diverse cast, from different backgrounds, cultures, and industries, and representing the Millennial and Generation X voices of today.

Committed to staying real and honest with viewers, The Cuddy D Show brings a sense of humor and delivers the hardcore truth while discussing difficult controversies, real issues, and ridiculous stories-- using a no holds barred style to say the things in news talk that no one else will- what everyone at home is thinking!


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