Steve "Cuddy D" Perri


Born and raised in NJ as the youngest of 8 kids, in a working class family in the 70's, Steve describes himself as a former introvert, and was nicknamed "Cuddy D" by his older brothers after a character in a western film, which he believes actually helped his to start to form his own identity among his large family. Breaking out of his shell even more during high school, Steve loved making people laugh, and believes that people need to laugh more instead of taking life so seriously. A lifelong news buff, Steve was inspired by fellow New Jersey resident Jon Stewart and his "The Daily Show", to create, produce, and host his own news talk show that brings a no holds barred approach, entirely unscripted, and acts as a "tell it like it is" voice for the Gen X viewers at home.


Jessica Schirripa


A central Jersey native, Jessica is a former on-air radio personality and lifestyle writer published on several major sites, including her own blog, With a heavy background in entertainment media reporting and as an on-camera host, Jessica has interviewed countless celebrities at red carpet events. Wedged between Millennial and Gen X generations, Jessica is dedicated to representing women her age speaking up as part of the #metoo movement, and states that women embracing their femininity without being over-sexualized in the media or entertainment industries as an important cause and drive for her voice on our show. Follow Jessica on Instagram @JerseyJesse.


Jonah Wright


A native of Hackensack, NJ, Jonah is an aspiring screenwriter, filmmaker, and entrepreneur who describes himself as a "self-inflicting fan" of the New York Knicks, and an admirer of western movies. When he's not at his local dive bar drinking whiskey doubles, blogging, editing videos, and doing karaoke, Jonah keeps on top of current political, social, and racial issues in America. Always working on new projects, he's also in the process of directing a short film this summer. Check out his blog at


Mina Skyler

Mina is an Asian-American model, actress, singer, and songwriter from Queens, and The Cuddy D Show's youngest panelist! Mina's passions include working as a brand ambassador for clothing lines, like Creations for a Cause, that promote causes important to her, such as environmental and animal rights. Mina is currently interested in speaking up as a voice for racial justice, specifically Asian-American rights and social justice during a time where the issue is on the forefront of the news, but voices like hers are underrepresented. The youngest member of the cast, Mina also represents young women emerging in the entertainment industry during the critical #metoo movement, and believes that healthy body images among young girls are one of the most important duties each generation of women carries for the one following it. Follow Mina on Instagram @MinaSkyler 



AJ Martinez

AJ is a Puerto Rican-American from Brooklyn, and shares that both parts of his identity are important to his life and work: an avid sports fanatic for his favorite NYC teams, he is emerging as a prolific voice in sports news coming out of the city. With the recent devastating hurricane season that battered Puerto Rico, AJ has also become an activist for the rights and plight of the residents of Puerto Rico, working in recent months with his family and community to send supplies to the ravaged island after a stalled and controversial response from the U.S. government. Follow AJ or Instagram @nyc__aj.

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